Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thank You Cards

I'm been busy lately.  So what I've been up to:

A craft/dog/car show this weekend that I was a vendor at.  I made some paintings last week for this event.  Didn't go so well, but the day was beautiful and I had my support team with me (the little mascot and my husband).

Making invitations for Halloween Party (more coming in next post).

Volunteered to make cupcakes for this Friday night for our priest's goodbye party.

Helping Joe take down trees for our firewood for next winter.  We've done about 7 trees so far.

This was the pile 2 weeks ago and has grown.  As you can see the assistant mascot loves to be on top of the world.

Making some scarves for breast cancer walk.  I have to next Friday to get this done.

Setting up a card making party for Saturday (World Card Making Day).  My thought was the girls in the group make cards and the guys take down some trees.  Now it looks like it will rain so the guys will need to hang out and entertain themselves.

And the biggest project was making Thank You cards for my family and friends.  My immediate family threw me a birthday party back in August.  I started to make the cards back after the party, but just got my gifts up here and was able to finally write them out and mail them.  And if you're a family member that reads my blog try and guess which one is coming to you.  All of them are individually made and different. Joe was impressed when I sat next to him and told him exactly who each card was for and asked me how I remembered.  I said it was easy because I took the time to think of the person it was going to and what I think best represented the gift or the person (either the colors, cards, sentiments or image). 

So here are all the cards:

Thanks for looking.

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