Thursday, October 16, 2014

It All Started

with a women, dream, stack of cards with no home and a shoestring budget.  Sandy turned Operation Write Home into a million dollar charity and gave us all an outlet to use for our obsessive, addicted card making hobby.  There is so much that Sandy does behind the scenes to make it all work - receiving all the cards that we all make, data entry for our receipts, checking each card to make sure that they follow the guidelines, OWH TV (a daily webcast), reading all Anyhero mail and much more.    Sandy does have some volunteers in her community that give her a hand here and there, thankfully.

And through all of this Sandy had a faithful companion and Operation Write Home's mascot, Ciara.  Ciara can be seen on Any Hero mail coloring pages for OWH and also on some rubber stamps that Sandy made.  Last Thursday Sandy had to say goodbye to Ciara and told all of us on Sunday when she was ready to tell the world.  All of us volunteers have gotten to know Ciara from afar from being featured on coloring pages, stamps and OWH TV.   Sandy is still trying to keep OWH running smoothly during this time, but also wishes some privacy and will not do any OWH TV until she feels ready since Ciara was such a part of Operation Write Home. 

Sandy, you are in our thoughts and prayers on the other side of the world in MA.  Wishing you well and that we will see you again soon on OWH TV. 

Here is the card that I made for Sandy.  I highly doubt see will see it until see gets it in the mail since she is not up to checking her emails and blogs, understandably.  Plus she is away this weekend on a previously planned trip and she is hoping this will ease her mind.

Count your blessings if your dog makes it to be 15 and a half years old like Ciara. 


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