Monday, September 22, 2014

Who Says Good Friends Are Hard to Find

So these folks are our old neighbors that we met 9 years ago.  We had lots of fun when we were neighbors.  Our times include late night bonfires, watching their evil cat, meeting their children and many other memories.  And then we moved away from them and they couldn't keep away.  We had a blast with them at the wedding this weekend. 
What do you think....maybe Adam has a little crush on Joe?  Not sure if it was just the drinks flowing or his true feelings.


Thanks for the photo bomb, Kerri, you made this picture priceless.
Joe and I after the ceremony.  The ceremony was right on this lake.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wonderful Times

This weekend we had a wonderful time in Plymouth, MA.  We had a weekend long wedding that started with a pre celebration clam bake.  Joe and I stayed in a hotel on the beach and got up to see the sunrise yesterday morning and we even saw some seals swimming in the water. We were able to capture these fabulous once of a lifetime photos:


And of course we went downtown:


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sympathy Card

Entered this card into a housewarming party at:

Housewarming Party

I ran into our neighbor in Walmart the other day, yes up here in this part of the world this is how we usually see our neighbors.  For those of you who don't know we live remote from most of our town.  Our house sits on top of a 100 feet driveway on a 180 degree angle and we have one neighbor through the woods.  However, this neighbor that I made this card for moved a while back and now lives about 1 1/2 miles away instead of half a mile.  He proceeded to tell me that he lost his best friend last Tuesday, his dog.  This dog has  been his little buddy and went everywhere with him just like my little shadow.  A few years ago, not sure how many, his wife got sick and passed away.  BJ sat on her bedside while she was ill taking care of her.  Bob said he will never forget the love that BJ has shown him and will miss him riding shotgun.  Bob and BJ were among the first people that we met in our town when I was walking Skippy by one day and he always has time to chat with you for a couple of minutes.  Skippy and BJ got along great.  The hardest part for me is to tell Skippy that another friend of his has passed.  So far Skippy has lost about 5 or more friends. 

So here is the card that we will send to Bob:

And I'm adding this into the card.  I printed it out and laminated it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This is the wall of all the letters and photos I have gotten from our heroes.  Looking pretty good and making me proud of what I do with getting all the appreciation letters.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Double Letters

I got two letters in the mail today from some of our grateful heroes.  What a great birthday gift!