Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 2015 OWH Cards

I am hitting a milestone with this package.  These cards will take me over 500 cards I have sent to OWH!  Wow.  I never envisioned how many cards I would have made.

Here are my cards for Operation Write home for May.  These cards were made in honor of my little boy, Skippy.  They may not be dog cards, but they are still animals.  Skippy loved all animals and would have been a friend to any animal that would have needed love and a home.  After all, he found Doug in the woods and told him to come knock on our door for a wonderful home.  I also believe that he had us find Lucy to give her a home.  These stamps arrived in my mailbox right before he passed and I thought that was a sign to use them for his honor.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Comfort Doll

FYI...these will be going live the first week in June on my ETSY store.  However, I will accept orders now.  If interested in a comfort doll please email me at and I will get your doll started.  As always you get your choice of color on the shoes, pants, shirt, hat or hair. 

Pricing is as follows plus shipping:

Clown or doll with hair = $15
Doll with hat = $10

Clown Comfort Doll

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Comfort Dolls With Hair


Comfort dolls with hair coming to my Etsy store soon. They will be $15 plus shipping. The dolls come in your choice of colors (shoes, pants, hats, shirts, hair). Also, I am working on a clown sample. Once he is complete I will post him and his sibblings on my Etsy site. If you have an interest in purchasing one or more of these dolls before going live on Etsy please send me a message and I will make your doll based on your color selection. Don't you think these would make great baby shower gifts?
Please note comfort doll pricing is:
with hat - $10 plus shipping*
with hair - $15 plus shipping*
clown - $15 plus shipping*

*Shipping prices will be waived if you order 2 or more dolls.  Please send me a message for the code to use on my Etsy shop.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sneak Peek - Coming to Etsy Store Soon

Comfort dolls coming to my Etsy store soon.  They will be $10 plus shipping.  The dolls come in your choice of colors (shoes, pants, hats, shirts).  Also, I am working on more samples that will include a clown and some dolls with hair.  Once those are complete I will be putting them up on Etsy site.  If you have an interest in purchasing when of these dolls before going live on Etsy please let me know and I will make your doll based on your color selection.   Don't you think these would make great baby shower gifts?

The sample is Proud to Be An American:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

For The Skipper and To Lasting Friendships

I made this tile to display in our house for Skippy the other day.  This is a Winnie the Pooh saying and I think it speaks volumes about how we felt about our boy.  

This candle and holder are from our friends Kelly and Chris. 

Who would have known that 10 years ago we would have moved to MA and met our first friends in the state in a matter of hours.  Then we all moved out and continue our friendship.  We want to say thank you for all you have done to memorialize Skippy (candle and dinner).  You were there from the first day we bought Skippy home and I'll never forget Kelly looking in our sliding glass door and Skippy looking back out at her.  Kelly said, "Who is this?," and so began a love affair between Kelly and Skippy.  Our wedding was made much easier because you both welcomed him into your home for the week and took very good care of him.  Joe and I always felt that you thought of Skippy as our son and always found a place in your hearts and homes for him.  And Kelly, never forget how he tried to escape and jump out of your car.  Once again many thanks for being there through all our trials this year.  It means a lot to know that we have friends we can count on in good and bad times.  Rosemeade lives on.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In God's Hands

On March 27, 2015 we lost a special member of my family, Uncle Matt.  He battled many years with Alzheimer's.  His memory will live in all of our hearts forever and we each have a special moment that we remember spending with him.  He is now in God's hands and watching over each and everyone of us.

I wanted to do something special to honor his memory as well as give my Aunt a present that would make her smile.  My Aunt was his angel on earth for 51 years and her example of love is an inspiration to live up to.  For the month of April my Operation Write Home cards have been made Uncle Matt's honor.  Uncle Matt had many hobbies and interests as well as serving in the Air Force.  So my cards are varied to his hobbies, interests, love for my Aunt and the Air Force.

Uncle Matt keep quacking and I hope you enjoy these cards.  You'll always be loved and remembered by all you surrounded with your generous and kind soul.

Until we meet again.....

On the day of Uncle Matt's viewing he sent us a rainbow.

Uncle Matt shines down some light from Heaven onto us everyday.
This should have been in March package, but got forgotten.