Monday, July 29, 2013

July Operation Write Home

Another batch of cards for OWH.  Now I just need to sort, stamp and envelope them all up.  I also need to write some any hero mail to put in with them. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bridal Shower

Last Saturday, July 13, we had my sister's bridal shower with 50 guests.  I was planning this event since January until I was almost pulling my hair out.  Now that the shower is over I get to help with some of the wedding decorations.  The wedding will be here sooner than later.  I can't believe that after all of this planning the shower has come and gone.  By the way I did a lot of sneaking around to try and surprise this kid, but that didn't happen she figured it out and that is how it goes with a bridal shower since you know that you are getting one anyway you suspect everything.  However, she may have figured out the date but she had no idea what the theme was (a movie theme).  Here are some pics from the shower:

Front of invitation
Back of invitation - I had cut these out and taped to the front and then proceeded to laminate them.

Centerpieces - I had made up stars to put on the floor with each guest's name.  Then the first person to find their star and get back to the table won the centerpiece.

Favors for the guests.  Inside was a pack of microwave popcorn. 

What a wonderful cake provided by the flower girl and her mother.

I had made this poster.  I thought I got a better photo but I lost them.  I'll have to have my sister take a better one and post it.  We also had about 9 other real movie posters through out the hall on display.

Each guest was asked to bring a Christmas ornament to help the couple decorate their tree each year.

The bridal party.

The bride to be.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coming In August

A new Cricut cartridge.  Come and shop with me on my Close to My Heart shopping page beginning on August 1 to get this new cart.