Monday, October 13, 2014

Retirement Card

The priest at my parish had to take an early retirement due to illness.  I attended his last Saturday mass this past weekend.  This is weighing heavily on my heart.  I enjoyed his masses and felt a connection to Father Dave that I have not felt to any other priest.  He will be sadly missed by so many including me.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Father Dave showed care and concern when I had my skin cancer operations going on by taking my hands and saying a prayer and then continued to bless my head all this while he wasn't feeling well himself.  I feel blessed to have been a parishioner at his parish for 9 years and will never forget the welcome and warm feeling that he gave the church.  Father Dave was never judgmental and made going to church an enjoyable event.  I have never known a priest like him in my life, especially, one that would stop you after mass when you have a bandage on your head.  Have you ever known a Catholic priest to bring Saint Nick (Santa) ringing his bells as he walked up the aisle and saying a special guest has arrived and than continue to kneel in front of the manger in prayer and hand out candy canes on Christmas Eve?   I didn't until I went to my first Christmas Eve mass with Father Dave.  Father Dave you will be missed, take care and get the rest you deserve.

Here is a card that I had made for him (sorry my computer is having issues turning this the correct way):


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