Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sending Holiday Cheer

Christmas is the season of giving and thinking of those that may need to be uplifted with a little bit of cheer.  There is a fella at Joe's (Joe has only met him 1 time) company that has been going through some tough times in the last couple of months.  The latest incident has left him without any income or employment at the moment.  He had to get an emergency quadruple bypass surgery done after failing his DOT physical and needed to be medevac'd to the hospital. Therefore, in spirit of the holiday the company is taking donations, but Joe and I have sent him a little something that may cheer him up and to let him know that he is being thought of everyday and to let him know that he is in our prayers. 

So I here is the hat and card that we have sent him along with some photos of our boys:
I did the hat as red, white and blue for 2 reasons - America and the Patriot's

I'm hoping that this will bring him some cheer during these tough times and that he will be well soon.  Joe said that he is supposed to return to work in March as long as he keeps doing well.

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