Monday, December 1, 2014

Today Is A Gift

Today is a gift that we are given and we should take the time to be grateful.  This is what I was grateful for this year - to have the day to celebrate with family.  I was also thankful that I am still alive today since I had some troubles this year:
January, if it was not for my husband and his quick actions I would have choked to death.  Thankfully, he saved my life by doing the Heimlich 3 times on me after seeing me turning blue.
July and August - I went through the whole skin cancer issue.  I was thankful that I finally had gotten it taken care of since it was growing towards my brain and who knows what that may have caused in the future.
Also, I think that my family was most grateful that they made the trip to celebrate with us even though it was through some tough weather.  
Joe said he was thankful for a wonderful wife, home, pets and everything else he has been given. 
Here are photos from our Thanksgiving celebration.  Amazing how quickly the time goes when my family comes up for a visit.  We did our normal black Friday routine - going shopping all day.  My sister hates that I take so many photos, but you can never go back to take them so take them now so you will have them.  I know that one day she will be happy that I took so many memories.  Joe always says that if our house is ever on fire as long as the boys and I are out of the house he will save the photos before anything else. 

 Thumbs up for a great meal.

 Addicted to bubble wars.

The morning after. 
Where did everyone go?  It is suddenly quiet again.

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