Sunday, August 31, 2014


Where oh where did August go?  Flew by in our neck of the woods.

My head is much better.  I still have some pain occasionally and the two lumps on each side come out when I don't wear a head band.  If I have a head band on they keep the lumps down.  All in all it is a long journey that will continue for 6 months until a year until all scar remodeling is finished.

Anyway we went on vacation this month to Wildwood, NJ which is on the south Jersey shore.  We had a blast and went with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and Skippy got to join the fun as well.   My cousin, Alex and Aunt Maryanne were staying in AC with my other cousin and made an early morning drive down to Wildwood to spend the day with us.  They headed back to AC after dinner and a little walk on the boardwalk. Our brother-in-law didn't make the whole week but was with us for 2 days.   We even did an old time photo which came out real cool.  Before we headed to the shore my family threw me a surprise birthday party.  So nice of them, isn't it?

Skippy loved being on the beach and I even got him to run in the ocean a bit although he was not a fan of this.  He did love the sand and he said it was the best vacation that he has been on.  The only other vacations he has been on has been to my parent's house in PA.  This took care of half of his bucket list - the other half is going to Central Park in New York City and we hope to be able to do that in October if all goes as planned.  I hope he does not keep adding to his bucket list, but he is so demanding so he probably will. 

Oh yeah, looks like OWH will be on hiatus for a little while on my end.  I have a couple of personal projects to get completed before I move on with my shipments for OWH.  Hopefully, I will be back to making OWH cards before the end of the month.

Here are some photos from our trip, the best souvenirs to bring home:

My dad, sister and cousin, Alex.  The only photo with my dad other than a professional one.

Joe loves animals and will make sure that they get fed.

The best lifeguard that Wildwood has ever had.

Joe with his big waffle sundae.  Don't worry he ate it all,.

What a beautiful family photo.  Joe, Skippy and I.

Skippy's first time on the boardwalk.

Skippy just hanging out at the house. 

My sister and bro-in-law, Thomas.

My sister and I.

This is in front of the big fire hydrant on the beach.  They just opened the dog beach park this past June.  Skippy met lots of new friends during the week.

Our first night in town.  Just took a stroll down to the beach while waiting for the duck race.

Joe and I took a dolphin cruise for our 9th anniversary.

Mom, Cindy (my sister) and I

My cousin, Alex and I

My mother and her sister, my Aunt Maryanne

Cindy and Alex

Cindy and Alex

There were over 7000 ducks in the duck race.
Joe didn't quit until he rung the bell.
This took a lot of courage to do. Cool photo because before Joe and I got married I was DWO, but now I'm DLO.
Having fun on the boardwalk - my sister, Cindy and her husband, Thomas.
Thomas, bro-in-law, catching some waves.
Joe taking a splash.
Skippy trying to be a good boy so he would come back.
My cousin, Alex, sister, Cindy and I.  Joe told Cindy she was looking pretty this day which got a laugh out of all of us.

My mother and Mr. Rubber Ducky.

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures...So glad you are feeling better. Looks like you were having fun...even Skippy. God bless...:)