Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pet Gift Box

Hi Everyone,

Lucy checking in today.  Don't tell mom I have hijacked the computer again.

Halloween may be in the past, but I just love dressing up as you all know.  What a sweet girl I am.

Oh, I got a little sidetracked there since I'm not allowed on the computer.  My paws are typing away and I wanted to let you know about this great company I just located on the web, oops I'm really in trouble now because I've been browsing the web.  Hey did you think that maybe I just have bad parents that aren't watching me?  Yes, you are right they are the best, after all they did take a chance with me a terrified girl.

Ok, Ok stop yelling this company I found is called  It looks like a real cool company and I encourage you to go check them out.  Please tell them I sent you and I give my paw of approval.

Mom just came back....oh no she does not look happy that there are paws on her keyboard.  Gotta go.

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