Saturday, October 3, 2015

Baby Shower Gift

Joe and I attended a couple's baby shower today for our friends.  I started the gift the day after we found out they were expecting and got finished last Sunday. I was waiting to post the gift until the shower was over since the mom follows my blog.  I was waiting with excitement to be able to give this gift to them.  Every page, crate and fox is a labor of love made with the baby on my mind.  The mom didn't make it easy on me - I kept trying to get a nursery theme or favorite cartoon character, but they have neither, a very laid back couple. Joe told Kelly she has lots of work to do and she told me I will probably help her fill the book with pictures (like I take lots of photos or something).

Wishing you lots of great memories with the baby Kelly and Chris.  We can't wait to meet Evelyn soon.

I also did some of the decor for the shower.  Thanks Kelly for letting me help.

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  1. A nice compliment I received from the mom today by text message:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I just love everything. So very thoughtful.