Thursday, July 16, 2015

When God Closes One Door He Opens Another Door

As I sit here and ponder this post I thank God for giving me signs of what I am supposed to use my time, treasures and talents for that he has granted me.  I've been crafting as long as I can remember, even as a kid I wanted to be able to make things for others.  I never knew that crafting would not only become a passion in my life, but also a way to serve others along my life's journey.  Which brings me to today's bittersweeet last and final card was made for Operation Write Home.  I didn't know that when I started this endeavor in September 2012 that it would lead me to make about 550 cards, many letters to our troops, a presidential honor and a wall full of thank you cards.  Over the years I have been a behind the scenes cheerleader for OWH and want to thank those who have supported me in any way with this endeavor...some have written letters for me to include in my package and there have been donations to help me along the way.  I sincerely am grateful to all of you that offered their kind words and encouragement while I was involved with this organization.  Bittersweet....the best way to describe this moment....I'm sad that my cards will not be going overseas for OWH, but I'm happy that our troops are making a return home.

I believe that God took Skippy from this life to send me on other missions.  Skippy led us to the shelter to save Lucy and Billie White Shoes which got me involved in volunteering there and making handmade cards for the shelter to use. So with the door closing on OWH God has opened new doors and avenues for my continued work.  There are many organizations that welcome handmade cards and I will be posting soon where I decide to send my cards....many will be going to Second Chance Animal Shelter.

Now I need to be off to package up my last cards and write my last Anyhero cards.

Thank you for all your continued support.

And of course here are the final cards:

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  1. Your cards are wonderful! OWH was blessed to have you as one of their cardmakers! I am sure your cards have touched many lives!!