Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Really Piling Up Out There

Another foot of snow falling down on us today.  The newscasters are calling it white confetti since the Patriots won the Superbowl - bummer.  We were cheering on the Seahawks and I had all my Seahawk gear on for luck.  I know that we are in Pats nation, but we never joined that band wagon.  The snow is still coming down real hard at this point.  Joe did try to go to work, but had to turn around and come back.  The roads are awful condition and I'm glad he made it back in one piece.  It was a 3 hour trip for him to go about 40 miles today which would only take an hour on a good day.  I was getting very anxious waiting for him to make it back after seeing all the news reports about jackknifed tractor trailers and numerous accidents.  We've made two trips out to shovel and have probably another 3 or so to go.

So here are some more photos of our snow:

Mr. and Mrs. Card stopped by today

Our heat (wood) is under this pile

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