Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Made The Mascot Happy Today

First, the mascot has the winter blues plus cabin fever.  Not so good for his parents since he is our 9 year old puppy - still as hyper as the day we bought him home.  We did manage to get him out over the weekend for a little while but he is still going crazy in the house.  Oh...did I mention any little activity outside and he barks like a mad man - more than normal.  Hopefully warmer weather will prevail so the little guy can get daily walks and run in the yard.  Skip did have some action yesterday since there was a major accident up the road from our house.  We didn't see anything from here but the cops at the street blocked off at the bottom of our driveway so that kept him extremely busy and noisy.  Anyway, he has seen me making all of my hats and has been begging for his own so today I was able to make him one and he can't wait to strut his stuff around town. 

I also have a bee hat that I will be posting at a later time. 

Without further ado here is the mascot in his new hat:

As you can see we still have plenty snow sitting around these parts.

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