Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cards, Cards and More Cards

This batch puts me up to a total of 40 for OWH.  I'm excited about the progress I am making.  These cards were a little easier and less time consuming to put together than some of my other cards - this way I can get more done and get them on their way.

It looks like my church is also going to help out with this mission.  I have asked them to ask the parishioners to write letters to the troops and I will send them with my cards.  They are going to help by putting a little information on the church bulletin for me.  Hopefully I will get a good response.


  1. Such adorable cards.
    And for such a good cause! :)

  2. Those are all really cute! I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated. You are very kind to do this for our troops!

  3. Good work!! They look great!

  4. So cute-I love cards like this. That bird in the football uniform is too cute!!