Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's Always A Story

There's always a story waiting to be told.

I haven't posted in a while because I am working on a special, major project, working at the shelter and, also, we went on vacation.  I want to share the story of our vacation.

The story starts 21 years ago when Joe and I first saw each other.  Joe worked at a supermarket where my Dziadzi (grandfather) frequented for his rye bread.  At the time I was helping my grandparents with their shopping and cleaning so I went with my grandfather on this one particular day to do grocery shopping.  He stopped at the deli section for his rye bread which was in demand at this store and you had to be there when it got delivered or you were out of luck.  That day the delivery was running late so the guy behind the counter said if you have other shopping to do I'll announce over the intercom when it comes in.  My grandfather and I continued on with our shopping and then we heard "will the gentleman waiting for the rye bread please report to the deli."  I started walking back for it and Joe was walking towards me with the bread.  Of course we didn't realize this was the beginning of our fate until we started dating two years later.  Brings us up to 20 years ago when Joe and I officially met each other at a graduation party of a mutual friend's brother.  During this year we would go out with a group of friends and hang out together.  On August 27, 1996 we went on our first date.  Than 11 years ago we moved from PA to MA and got engaged.

We finally sealed our friendship and love by getting married on August 20, 2005 in Las Vegas at the Valley of the Fire (the desert).

We celebrated 10 years of marriage in Wildwood, NJ

My sister and her husband, Tom came down with us for the week.

Another little story that involves ice cream and a former Philadelphia Flyers goalie.  On Monday night we all decided to go out for ice cream.  The first place that we had gone to was way too crowded and would have taken about 45 minutes or more.  So I said to Joe, "how about seashell ice cream that we saw that is a couple of blocks over."  So we headed over to seashell ice cream and there was a little less people with maybe a 10 minute wait.  Cindy and I headed outside to get a table since they were in high demand and the boys waited for our ice cream.  As Joe was walking out the door in his Flyers t-shirt this old man stopped him and said I really like that shirt.  And I know Joe was thinking "Good for you buddy.   Now move out of my way so I can eat my ice cream."  So the guy continued to stand there and looks at the shirt all while Joe was holding these 2 big ice cream sundaes.  Then the old guy holds up both hands to show him his Stanley Cup Rings and says to Joe "Parent."  It was former Philadelphia Flyers goalie, Bernie Parnet, who was on the team when they won the Stanley Cup in 1974 and 1975.  Joe put down the sundaes and shook his hand.  So Joe comes out and tells me the story and I told him we have to wait until he is ready to leave and get a photo with him.  Joe didn't wait to, but I told him if he didn't want to be recognized he would not have stopped and showed him the rings.  So we waited and I got the photo - I always have a camera on me, because you never know when you will have a once in a lifetime moment.  I also believe that one little change in your life changes what will happen at that time.  For example, if we waited at the other place we would never have ran into Bernie Parent and if Joe wasn't wearing a Flyer's shirt they would have just passed each other.  Joe would not have recognized him because he looks different and older than when he played, plus he was a goalie so you never really saw his face.

Joe's family came down to see us on Tuesday:

On Wednesday my parents came down to finish out the week with us:

On Thursday, August 20, 2015, 10 years later we found ourselves back in Vegas:

Thursday evening we had some specials visitors from Atlantic City come down after work for dinner and ice cream:

Friday made for an enjoyable zoo day:

These are just a few of our photos and we have many more great ones.  Once in a lifetime memories.

So blessed to have each other.  

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  1. I always enjoy your emails that I recieve. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I will be celebrating our 48th on the 30th...God is good. God bless you sweetie