Monday, March 16, 2015

Personal Thoughts

On Saturday Joe and I went to see American Sniper, which I have been wanting to see since I saw the first preview.  I found the movie to be very powerful and thought provoking in many ways, but this is not going to be a movie review.  However, there is one scene in the movie where Chris Kyle says that many Americans are forgetting that there is a war still going and most Americans are attached to their text messaging or emails and forget about those who are fighting for us.  This part of the movie resonated deep in my heart because I think of those who are fighting for us every day and never forget the sacrifices they are making while defending our country.  My work with Operation Write Home never lets me forget those that are away from their families, pets and everyday life.  Also, my home office has American decor along with all the pictures and thank you letters that I have received.  Coincidentally we saw this movie a year and two days after I received my letter from President Obama last year which has inspired me to keep on volunteering with OWH and can be found here.

I am once again appealing for everyone to please help me with my continued work with Operation Write Home and please think of the sacrifices being made for you and write an Any Hero letter.  Children are welcome as well to send coloring pages to me (can be found at  As always the letters and coloring pages would go in my packet for the month.  Please spare 2 minutes, a pen and paper for this cause (the electronic devices will be right where you left them when you are done).  

Won't you please consider helping?  I, personally, have a goal to make 20 cards a month and send at least 4 letters a month.  

Any questions please send an email to

Thanks for the consideration.

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