Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Generosity of Good People

During this past Christmas season I found a special surprise in my mailbox which touched my heart in a special way and bought tears to my eyes.  It was a check from some very generous people for me to buy supplies for Operation Write Home.  Thanks to this check and some sales at Michaels I was able to get a nice stock of supplies to make cards for this year. 

The items I got were the following:

2 packs of colored cardstock (50 sheets in each pack)

4 packs of 6X6 cardstock background paper (10 in each pack)

3 packs of A2 blank cards and envelopes (25 in each pack)

Personalized address stamp for the card backs so I no longer need to make labels or write them out

I just wanted to post this as I thank you to the folks (you know who you are) who have provided me with the opportunity to be able to continue my endeavors with Operation Write Home - not that I plan on stopping anyway, but every generous gift helps.  I don't think you can understand how "power"ful this gift was and how it touched me deep down. 

Thank you.

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