Monday, April 15, 2013


My Uncle Matt has been suffering with Alzheimer's Disease for about 20 years.  Over the weekend I got the chance to see him again since last seeing him at the beginning of December.  From what I have been told it seems like I got to see him on 2 of his good days and after traveling 300 miles it made me very happy. 

In his honor my husband had built a bird feeder stand for him.  Up until the time he got real sick he would come and visit my husband and I.  He always seemed to enjoy his time with us and one time when we came home he had told us how he loved to come up to our house. 

So here is the bird feeder:

So today we stopped by my Aunt's house and she gave us this from my Uncle:

A little birdhouse that he had painted.
The other thing that I had done for my Aunt was to give her a card and necklace from my Uncle.  I tried to do it without her knowing where they came from but some how she figured it out.  I have no idea how she guessed. 


I just hope that all this has made my Aunt very happy and will know that her husband will always love her even if he can't say it to her in her in the present time.




  1. Wow! I love both birdhouses, so neat & the one your uncle painted it so pretty & colorful. :) The card & necklace you made for your aunt/from uncle is awesome.
    So pretty.

    TFS Janis

  2. Love the birdhouses. I know you will always treasure the one he painted. It was so nice of you making the card which is beautiful, and so thoughtful of you getting the necklace. Making your aunt feel special. I am sure it must be really hard seen her husband struggle with that disease. Not too many people around like you BE PROUD.

  3. Aw, it was very sweet of you to give your aunt the card and necklace, life must be really difficult for her. How sad for your uncle, I'm glad you got to see him on his good days. x

  4. What wonderful people you and your husband are. I really like the bird feeders. It shows how much you love your uncle. I really like his bird house he made. And for you to send your aunt a card and necklace from you uncle is a very thoughtful thing to do.